What Is Old Man Strength?

Now that I myself am an old man. I understand the meaning of old man  strength better than ever.

Old man strength isn’t physical strength. It’s a lifetime of struggle, and the determination to survive, combined with a wealth of experience. All of this, gives the weathered old hands of a man the “old man strength” needed to accomplish anything he puts his mind to.

Is Old Man Strength Real?

Here is a short example of old man strength that I remember, that you might find amusing. A friend of mine was changing the ball joints in my truck for me. He told me that he spent two hours pounding on the old ones trying to get them out, but they weren’t budging. He was in his twenties, and knew how to work on cars very well. After giving him plenty of crap about his struggle with those ball joints. His father in law who owned the shop took the hammer and hit them once, and they fell right out.
He of coarse wasn’t physically stronger than the young man, But he knew how, where, and just how hard to hit those ball joints to get them out.
I’m sure my friend gained a little life experience during that time to help help him start to develop his own old man strength.

When Do You Get Old Man Strength?

There isn’t an age when you develop old man strength. You may not even know you have it until one day you do something that your younger peers have tried and failed. There is no need to brag about the accomplishment. Just go on about your business, knowing you’re still the King.

Can I Lose My Old Man Strength?

The real weak link in our ability to have old man strength is our physical bodies. You know that in your mind you still feel like you’re in your twenties. Then you reach down to pick something up and tweak your back out.
We are getting like the leather on your favorite pair of old boots. Still as tough as ever, but kinda stiff, and maybe a few leaks. We just need to keep ourselves moving. So that we don’t end up like that pair of boots. Stuffed in a corner and forgotten about while our toes curl up, and we lose all usefulness.
Don’t be that old guy. If you want to keep your strength, you will need to do something to keep yourself strong and flexible.

How Can I Keep My Old Man Strength?

As I said, the mind is willing, but the body is weak. So you need to train the body.  For overall strength and flexibility, I recommend calisthenics as a good way to train.
Calisthenics will develop a functional strength that lifting weights cannot. I have been a gym rat, training with weights for most of my life. I would recommend weight lifting to young men. They have a greater ability to gain muscle mass, which make weight lifting fun at that age.
As old guys, our bodies ability to gain significant amounts of muscle mass is not impossible to do, but it is very difficult.We just aren’t putting out the hormones needed to grow big anymore.
Strength is something that we can continue developing until our last day. Your muscle may not grow a whole lot bigger, but you can take your old man strength to the next level training with calisthenics.

Train To Be A There Legged Stool

A three legged stool is extremely stable, even on uneven ground. As long as all of the legs are equally strong, this kind of stool can handle lot of force.
The three legs of the stool are strength, flexibility, and balance. By developing these three areas equally, we will strengthen our whole self in balance and functionality.
Not one leg is more important than the other if we want our stool strong and stable.

How to develop strength with calisthenics

Strength is the first leg we will look at. Calisthenics exercises start with the basics, like push ups and pull ups. These are basic exercises that we learned in grade school. So how many of these can you do right now? If you’re like a lot of us who took a couple of decades off from working out, just to recover from that last killer workout. You might be able to do a few push ups, maybe even a couple of pull ups. Congratulations, you’re doing better than most of us.
If you start by developing strength in basic movements like these, you can advance to a variety of challenging calisthenics movements that will challenge and strengthen you in ways that you probably never imagined.

Flexibility For Calisthenics

Far too often, strength is the leg people develop first. I myself am guilty of this. I don’t like stretching, but without flexibility, we can’t move on to the advanced movements. We all want to impress our friends with movements like pistol squats, and handstands. Nothing shows off old man strength better than some cool calisthenics tricks.
In order for you to do those tricks, you will need flexibility your hips, legs chest, shoulders, and back. The more you develop strength without woking on your flexibility, the harder it will be to stretch those muscle. So begin stretching as soon as possible.
You can start with the basics like touching your toes.As you keep working out, you are going to start to develop a better sense of what needs to be stretched. A lot depends on your goals and the flexibility that you have already.

Keep Your Balance

All the strength and flexibility in the world won’t help you if you fall over. The third leg of the stool is balance. Balance is nothing more than your bodies ability to hold you upright, even in extreme circumstances. Even if you’re doing a handstand, if you have good balance, this movement will be as natural as standing on your feet.
Balance uses your strength and flexibility to keep you stable. Have you ever seen someone stand on a horse as it galloped? Or a snowboarder doing multiple flips and twists in the air, then landing softly, totally in control. This is balance.
A person walking on a high wire, their upper body seems to not move at all. If you look from the waist down it seems like a different person. Twitching and jumping back and forth so fast that it seems super human. The person walking the high wire has practiced and trained himself so much that his nervous system reacts at a much faster rate than most people.
Now Stand on one leg, with the other knee lifted high. See how long you can do it. When you are done, do the other leg. If you were able to hold both of them for the same amount of time without falling over, then you have pretty good balance. I’m guessing though, that if you tried this, one side was much harder than the other.
Balance responds quickly to training, and should be a skill that we train to develop.

Why Calisthenics?

As I said before, calisthenics begins with basic movements that we all have learned. So there is no reason why it can’t be done at home or anywhere that you can find some basic equipment. Many of the movements require strength.flexibility, and balance to perform. So as you are training, you are developing these three strengths equally.




Trying to beat the hands of time is a challenge. I have found calisthenics to be an outstanding way to get into shape, and have some fun. I will tell you in my posts why I like calisthenics over pumping iron, for keeping in shape as I get older, and why you might want to give it a try.

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