Can You Do Calisthenics Twice A Day?

I have been splitting up my workouts recently and have been getting great results.

Not only can you do calisthenics twice a day, but splitting your workout up can help you increase strength and help you lose those extra pounds if you need to. Trying to get a high enough amount of volume at high intensity in one workout can be difficult. Splitting it up can let you workout with enough energy to give 100% effort on all your sets.

Why split your workout up?

There are two major reasons to split your workout up. Understanding these two reasons will help you decide if and how you would split your workout.

  1. Energy during your workout – If you are training as hard as you should be, you are going to start losing energy some where in the middle of your workout. Your form will start to get worse, and you will get to the point where you’re not getting very many reps on each set. Around this time, your mind starts to try and convince you that you’ve done enough. Eventually you might leave the gym knowing that you still had some exercises you wanted to do.
    Splitting your workout into two sessions would allow you to come back and get more sets with a high energy level. Increasing the total amount of sets per week, giving you more gains.
  2. Faster fat loss – Each time you workout, you burn more calories. You also continue burning calories for a few hours after the workout. This is called the after burn effect. If you’re kicking your metabolism into fat burning mode twice a day you will see a greater increase in fat loss than just once a day.

How would you split it up?

Splitting your calisthenics workout into two workout can be done four different ways.

  1. Cardio and heavy training – If your goal is fat loss and you are doing cardio you know how hard it is to do a cardio workout right after doing a hard calisthenics workout. The same goes the other way, you can’t expect a great calisthenics workout if you just used up all your energy in a cardio workout. Splitting these two would give you much better results in both.
  2. Training the same muscle twice a day – This is probably the hardest, and my favorite. By working a muscle twice a day I have found that respond by getting stronger faster. Of coarse you will want to give those muscles a rest day following this. You don’t need to do the same exercises for both workouts or the same weights. You can do a heavy workout in the morning and a higher rep workout later.
    I found this to be helpful in getting over plateaus. When struggling to get more pull-ups, doing this helps me to increase them faster.
  3. Split a full body workout – Full body workouts are a great timesaver, but it can be difficult to put in 100% effort on all the exercises. This can be a problem if you want to improve in any particular area.By splitting your workout you can divide ti a way to add more volume to exercises or skills that you are trying to focus on. Even if you do full body workouts two days in a row. You could more intensity into half of your bodies workout on the first day, and increase the intensity on the other half the next day.
  4. Training heavy and skills training -When ¬†learning skills, you want to train that skill daily if possible to advance as fast as possible. Trying to do handstand right after a hard shoulder workout can be tough. Your skill will be hard to learn if you’re already tired from the workout. Doing your skill training at a totally separate time from your other training will give you the fresh muscles you need to practice them.

Can you split into more than two workouts?

If your fitness level is at a place where you can’t do very many sets before you’re exhausted, splitting your workout up into shorter workouts that you can help you get the volume you need to advance. When I first started losing weight I would just do a set or two throughout the day until I could do a full workout.
Even if you’re more advanced, breaking your workout into smaller chunks will allow you to do more reps during each set of those shorter workouts.

Greasing the groove

Greasing the groove is a form of split workout where you perform an exercise throughout the day. What this does is gives you a high amount of volume of exercise done at your highest intensity on each set. Giving yourself long periods of rest between sets will help you recover enough before the next set, to attack it with 100% effort. This is a great way to get stronger on a single exercise that you are focused on improving.

Drawbacks to twice a day training

Doing calisthenics twice a day is a great way to get a better workout, but this could cause you to over train. If you’re doing full body workouts everyday while splitting them up, you will need to pay attention to how you are feeling before your workout. Because the quality of your sets is much better, you will need to rest appropriately.
You might consider a full body split workout one day, and doing skills training and stretching split the next day.

Time can also be a problem for some. Finding the time to do two short workouts a day might be a problem if you need to go to a gym to workout.
If you workout at home, it is more a matter of you creating the time in your schedule.

Is twice a day calisthenics training for everyone?

Splitting your workout has been a pro tip that has been used by many bodybuilders, including Arnold Shwarzenagger for years. The results are obvious. Building huge muscles isn’t usually the results we are looking for in calisthenics, we can gain strength at a faster rate by using this training method. If we happen to get bigger muscles also, I don’t think that’s a problem.
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trainer, I think we could all benefit from doing calisthenics twice a day.




Trying to beat the hands of time is a challenge. I have found calisthenics to be an outstanding way to get into shape, and have some fun. I will tell you in my posts why I like calisthenics over pumping iron, for keeping in shape as I get older, and why you might want to give it a try.

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